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Hand Sanitizer Relief for First Responders

May 5, 2020

This past week, Columbus Chemical Industries leveraged our solvent packaging capabilities to help our community partners push through these trying times.

Over 700 bottles of hand sanitizer were packaged for distribution to first responder teams, fire and police units, and medical care providers in our surrounding communities.

Our team members took pride in the effort, one sharing, “I feel privileged to be part of something that might be helping my friends or family,” and in our close-knit town, you can be sure that’s exactly what it’s doing.

Columbus Chemical Industries has a long standing relationship working with our local fire and emergency response teams, and we consider it an honor to have the ability and opportunity to provide this support to those who continue to provide critical response and care to our communities, despite the unprecedented challenges #COVID19 has presented to all of us.

“It’s nice to see CCI joining in the fight to stop this pandemic,” shared one associate. At a time when we are forced to be apart to keep each other safe, we are finding new ways to connect and protect each other. Acts of kindness and community building are popping up everywhere, forging new connections both locally and globally, in many shapes and sizes.

As one of our team put it, “Even small acts make a difference to someone.”